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Viktoryia Dziarbeyeva, Recruiter
What will you be responsible for?

Team management:

  • Formation of a new resource pool from scratch (or growing the existing one);
  • Participation in interviews and making hiring decisions;
  • Onboarding, setting goals and individual development plans, program mentoring, performance reviews, motivation, etc.

Participation in pre-sales: analysis and evaluation of projects, preparation of technical solutions and proposals.

Project assignments:

  • Acting as a Lead engineer on one of our projects;
  • Discussion of design solutions directly with customers;
  • Analysis of customer requirements, preparation of technical solutions, work planning, and architecture design;
  • Participation in code review;
  • New feature development, refactoring, and redesign of existing features.
What skills should you have?
  • Expert level of experience working with JavaScript technology stack;
  • Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and CSS, ES6+ and TypeScript;
  • Hands-on experience building web applications using at least two popular JavaScript frameworks (Vue, Angular, React, React Native, Svelte, Knockout);
  • Strong experience and understanding security and web responsive concepts, debugging and performance optimization technics;
  • Experience working with REST API and GraphQL;
  • Solid understanding of design patterns, test-driven and domain-driven design, component-based architecture, and evolutionary architecture;
  • Active participation and experience working Agile environment;
  • Experience in onboarding new team members and mentoring;
  • Client-focusing and ability to communicate effectively with customers;
  • Node.js experience will be.
About us

Front-end is one of the main focuses of the company's web development services. We've been developing front-end solutions for 10+ years, gaining profound expertise and growing into the front-end dev community. The company is expanding its dream team by hiring front-end and full-stack experts ready to get on non-trivial tasks! We write real code and use modern technology stack, such as React.js, Angular, and Vue.js.

We often combine Node.js back-end and the mobile version of React Native in our projects. The credo of the front-end developers team is the maximum of challenging and interesting tasks and the minimum of bug fixing! The company hosts meetups where front-end developers discuss the latest news, complex design solutions, and reviews of new tools. As we are growing and launching new projects, we welcome new Senior Front-end developers into the team.

We offer:
  • We take an individualized approach to career development, tailoring growth plans to every role
  • In your first few months, you will have access to our technology mentorship program; you can later elect to participate as a mentor
  • You will have the opportunity to contribute to up to 300 original projects in 30 different fields
  • If needed, we will help you improve your English through courses offered at every level
  • Our company culture is rooted in the belief that we don't create rules for their own sake
  • Our benefits include Luxmed Complex and Kafeteria My Benefit
  • We provide the newest tech equipment and electrically operated desks for comfort and efficiency
  • Our dedicated Employee Happiness hosts pizza days, team breakfasts, and more for our team members' wellbeing
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