Senior Android Developer

67 Prosta streetWarsaw, Poland
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Natallia Selivonchyk, Recruiter
What will you be responsible for?
  • Client communication, clarification and discussion of their requirements;
  • Participation in project planning;
  • Conducting and passing a code review;
  • Participation in different stages of software development: demoing new features, writing tests, building and releasing apps;
  • Work in distributed teams, writing new functionality.
What skills should you have?
  • English level not lower than Intermediate;
  • 4+ years of app development experience on Kotlin;
  • Hands-on experience with RxJava, MVVM, Dagger2/Koin;
  • Knowledge of Kotlin Coroutines and Android Architecture Components;
  • Ability to work with data using Room, Realm;
  • Experience with git, understanding of git flow;
  • Experience writing unit tests and working with CI/CD.
About us

Our company has been developing mobile solutions since 2008 and has grown its mobile engineering team to 85+ developers. We have 50+ completed projects in such domains as logistics, real estate, sports, IoT, and restaurant business.

We are fully responsible for all technical solutions in some of the projects. In our work, we try to implement processes that improve the quality of the code: Unit / UI tests, cross-code review, CI / CD.

The company hosts meetups where Android developers discuss complex design solutions and reviews of new tools.

We offer:
  • We take an individualized approach to career development, tailoring growth plans to every role
  • In your first few months, you will have access to our technology mentorship program; you can later elect to participate as a mentor
  • You will have the opportunity to contribute to up to 300 original projects in 30 different fields
  • If needed, we will help you improve your English through courses offered at every level
  • Our company culture is rooted in the belief that we don't create rules for their own sake
  • Our benefits include Luxmed Complex and Kafeteria My Benefit
  • We provide the newest tech equipment and electrically operated desks for comfort and efficiency
  • Our dedicated Employee Happiness hosts pizza days, team breakfasts, and more for our team members' wellbeing
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Senior Android Developer
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