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Happiness Manager

21a Taras Shevchenko St, 100060Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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We’re looking for a Happiness Manager to join the team. Here’s what you can expect in the role:

  • Maintain a friendly and comfortable team atmosphere in the team
  • Identify the communication needs and establish an internal communications strategy in conjunction with senior managers
  • Ensure organizational initiatives and projects are successfully communicated to employees and stakeholders
  • Identify areas for improving the motivational climate in the team
  • Develop and implement activities aimed at improving the performance of a healthy and friendly working environment (table games, educational activities, sports activities, team building, etc.)
  • Create an enjoyable office place and smooth office organization (healthy snacks, cookies, coffee, hygiene supplies, board games, sports attributes, anti-stress etc.)
  • Measure happiness levels across the workplace and initiate programs to value human beings and help people feel good as a professional and as an individual
  • Communicate with office vendors and external service providers


The ideal candidate has:

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in fluent Russian, Uzbek and English
  • Excellent communication expertise, both written and verbal (quality and consistency)
  • Excellent organizational and event planning skills
  • The ability to maneuver in a consistently changing environment and adapt to business challenges
  • College or university degree or equivalent, preferably with a communication degree
  • Experience in creating, delivering and communicating creative activities
  • Ability to work independently with little supervision, as well as in a team
  • High level of empathy
  • Nice to have:
    • Experience in a Corporate/Internal Communication department, Corporate PR agency; and/or experience with corporate entities.

About us

At iTechArt, we assemble senior-level, dedicated teams of developers to help fast-growing startups and innovative enterprises drive impact and achieve their goals. We’ve delivered solutions across multiple domains, including FinTech, PropTech, AdTech, HealthTech, e-commerce, and more.

The EHG team was created in 2019, and we now have more than 18 people on the team — located throughout Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and Uzbekistan. This team works on internal communications and the office atmosphere, developing a welcoming environment where employees can do their best work. They’re also responsible for internal events — holidays, movie and board game nights, pizza days, and more!


Learning & Development:

Our company culture is rooted in the belief that ongoing growth benefits employees and the company. Because of that, we offer:

  • An individualized approach to career development, tailoring growth plans to every role
  • Access to our technology mentorship program as a mentor or mentee
  • The opportunity to contribute to up to 300 original projects in 30 different fields

And that's not all! We also offer:

  • Expanded medical support for employees in Tashkent
  • 19 working days of vacation per year, 21 after 2 years in the company
  • English courses from Elementary up to Intermediate+ and specialized trainings
  • Сonferences & meetups, organized by our company
  • Corporate getaway & teambuilding activities
  • Pizza days, office gatherings and more from our Employee Happiness team
  • Life support for the big events in your life
  • And referral bonuses!
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