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App state talks / Redux-toolkit

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Deep dive into insights from real cases
And don't forget about lifesaving life hacks. Here we're talking about application state management and the nuances of working with the redux-toolkit plugin. This lecture from Solution Architect Ilya Zaprutski and Software Engineer Ivan Bondar will definitely help you to boost your professional skills.
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All about application stateWatch recording
Solution Architect Ilya Zaprutski State managers are a must-have for large applications; without them, we cannot achieve consistent system state management. In his report, Ilya Zaprutski, Solution Architect iTechArt, will share a lot of exciting nuances related to state management: touching upon the problem of synchronizing the presentation and the state of the application recall how it was done before, without state managers.
"Let's talk about approaches we should follow when deciding what a state is and what is not. We will analyze the most popular solutions, discuss their pros and cons, and analyze their application areas. I will also explain why I love redux again, although I used to consider it not the best choice for my applications."
Redux Toolkit
Software Engineer Ivan Bondar Knowledge of the Redux Toolkit is essential for developers building React apps. And although this toolkit is not considered a universal solution in every possible use case for Redux, it nevertheless plays a vital role in simplifying the code.
Ivan Bondar, iTechArt Software Engineer, will talk about the benefits of working with the Redux-toolkit plugin and what problems it solves. He will also teach you how to process server requests through rtk-query.
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